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We are a group of dynamic surgeons committed to providing medical services that are responsive to the changing healthcare needs of our patients and the community we serve. We strive to provide an enabling environment that supports professional growth and the advancement of quality patient- centered service through efficient, excellent, and ethical clinical practice.


Obstetrics & Gynecology


We are a department of competent and compassionate Obstetrician-Gynecologists committed to fostering women’s advocacy programs; upholding the hospital ethical standards of Obstetrics and Gynecological practice by advancing the art and Science of reproductive health in the City of Malolos and its neighboring communities; and enhancing professional growth and welfare of its committed members through continuing medical education.




We are a group of compassionate and highly specialized Pediatricians committed to excellent pediatric care through the optimization of health and well-being of infants, children, and youth by providing a holistic approach to high quality care in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of childhood disease.




We are a group of compassionate and highly specialized Anesthesiologists committed to delivering highest quality anesthesia services through up-to-date clinical care based on the latest evidence and knowledge.

Dental Medicine


We are highly specialized and well-trained Dentists committed to providing the best oral healthcare that is patient-centered and evidence-based through continued pursuit of excellence, leadership, and dedicated service.

Family Medicine


We are compassionate and highly competent Family and Occupational Medicine Physicians committed to improving the health of our patients and communities and reducing healthcare disparities through excellence in family and occupational medicine education, clinical practice, and research.



We are highly specialized and well-trained Radiology staff committed to provide the Accurate quality diagnostic imaging, radiological services, and Care for patients at different stages and variations of health and disease with Excellent results.



General Services

Level II, Tertiary Medical Center, the tallest building structure and largest private hospital in Bulacan


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Internal Medicine@@General Surgery@@Pediatrics@@OB-GYN@@Family Medicine@@Anesthesiology@@Pathology@@Laboratory Medicine@@ENT@@Rehabilitation Medicine@@Occupational and Industrial Medicine

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Emergency Medicine@@Adult Critical Care ICU@@Pediatric and Neonatal ICU@@Nursery, Well Baby and PICU@@Operating Room@@Labor and Delivery Room@@Recovery Room@@Poison and Bite Center@@Radiology@@CT Scan@@Concierge Medicine@@Stroke Unit@@Blood Bank@@Ambulance

Available During Office Hours

Outpatient Clinics@@Ambulatory Chemotheraphy@@Blood Transfusion Unit@@Dentistry@@ENT and Hearing Center@@Eye Center@@Endoscopy Unit@@Fluoroscopy@@Laparoscopy@@Mammography@@General and OB Ultrasound@@Heart Station@@ECG, 2D Echo@@Ambulatory BP Monitor Treadmill/Stress Test

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Peritoneal Unit@@Hemodialysis Unit@@EMG-NCV@@MRI@@Infertility Center@@Geriatric and Hospice Care

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About Us

Allied Care Experts (ACE) Malolos Doctors aims to be the benchmark of a successful health provider in Central Luzon as it will redefine and change the prevailing practice of medicine through a more holistic, multi disciplinary and participative approach in the prevention, detection, treatment and surveillance of diseases and other health conditions utilizing the most modern, updated yet cost effective technologies managed and supervised by the most competent and highly trained specialists in line with our core values of altruism, compassion and excellence.

Allied Care Experts (ACE) Malolos Doctors will be a Level II tertiary medical center with a 172-bed capacity with complete clinical departments, medical and its allied subspecialties, surgical, obstetrical, pediatrics, dental specialties and Concierge Department catering to HMO and industrial employees/patients, shareholders and their dependents as well as modern diagnostic and imaging facilities. There will be also special areas: Operating Room, Recovery Room, Medical and Neurological Intensive Care Units (ICU), Medical Intermediate Care Units, Neonatal ICU (NICU), Pediatric ICU (PICU), Surgical ICU (SICU), Labor Room (LR) and Delivery Room (DR), Eye Center, Hearing and Dizziness Center, Center for Diabetes Care as well as Ambulatory Chemotherapy and Blood Transfusion Units and the first Radiotherapy Cancer Center in the Province of Bulacan.  Among the support services of the hospital are Clinical and Anatomical Laboratory, Pharmacy, Dental, Out-Patient Department, Emergency Room and Radiology with the latest CT-Scan, MRI and Nuclear Medicine. The medical center will be a catchment and referring hospitals for patients primarily of Malolos City and those coming from neighboring municipalities like Hagonoy, Calumpit, Paombong and other surrounding communities with the main objective of delivering quality health care and service that will be affordable for all Bulakeños.

The principal office address is at Capitol View Park, Barangay Bulihan, Malolos City, Province of Bulacan. This 6,500 square meter lot was acquired on October 10, 2017 followed by Groundbreaking Ceremony held on November 18, 2017. The DOH Permit to Construct was issued December 27, 2017 while the Environmental Compliance Certificate was issued on July 17, 2018. Construction started August 7, 2018 of what is destined to be the monumental and historic landmark not only in the City of Malolos but the whole Province of Bulacan as it will be the tallest structure to date towering at 10-storeys high with panoramic roof deck to boast of.

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